Transformative communication

Social change requires communication. The question is what role strategic communication can play in the transformation to a sustainable society.

The concept of networked campaigning will be further developed.


Project information

  • Discussion of a society-oriented role of strategic communication
  • Development of a model of transformative communication
  • Development of (further) education offers on this basis
  • Development of a process model in s:ne for the integration of strategic communication and knowledge management in transformative research.
  • Development of a typology of sustainability communication including the conception of
    transformative PR.
  • Workshops with actors from practice and science (ongoing).

Integration of knowledge into teaching:

Cooperation with PR and sustainability communication
majors in the online communication degree programme.

Darmstadt Days of Transformation 2022 (Workshop).

Pleil, Thomas; Matusiak, Lea; Müller, Sandra (2021): Public Relations in Transformative Science: The Contribution of Strategic Communication to the Success of a Transformative Research Paradigm, in: Borchers, Nils S.; Güney, Selma; Krüger, Uwe, Schamberger, Kerem: Media of Transformation. Proceedings of the Critical Communication Studies Network. 259-282.

Status: ongoing

Funding body: Funding until the end of 2022

Project as a whole ongoing.

Participants at the h_da: Thomas Pleil, Sandra Müller, Pia Sue Helferich, Lars Rademacher

Project information

Duration: Funding until the end of 2022

Total projects ongoing