Innovation Lab

The dkmi Innovation Lab is deliberately designed for low-threshold and free use.
Scrum, design thinking, effectuation, canvas methods and many other innovative work processes can be applied on site, but also in hybrid constellations. Through its infrastructure and design, it supports team building and the development of emancipated research personalities.


Leadership and control are to be understood as freely designable elements in the innovation process, which can be exercised by all actors in the Innovation Lab by actively assuming responsibility.
can be exercised.

The entire space is designed in such a way that its users can deconstruct and reconstruct it again and again. The existing furniture can also be adapted and reconstructed to suit the needs. The special feature here is the "Loop Chair": users can build twelve different pieces of furniture from one Loop Chair.

The Innovation Lab has three writable walls on which structures and processes can be developed by the innovation teams in a flexible and creative way. iPads installed in the room make it possible to connect users live to events or to conduct quick online research during the workshop.

Centre speaker

Thomas Pleil

Communication Max-Planck-Straße 2
64807 Dieburg
Office: F01, 119


Managing Director

Rita Vas-Deuschel

Communication Max-Planck-Straße 2
64807 Dieburg
Office: F01, 202