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Research centre dkmi - what we stand for

Researching contemporary media and communication and helping to shape future offerings and forms are at the centre of our work at the dkmi research centre.

About 30 members of the research centre combine perspectives from art, society and technologies and use innovative research and development methods. Against the backdrop of major social change processes such as digitalisation, sustainability or globalisation, we investigate the role of media and communication in transformation processes and bring this knowledge as well as developments to inter- and transdisciplinary work. This makes us a partner in research and practice for social, economic and cultural actors.

Strategic Focus and Goals

Our goal is to help shape the communication of the future.
This happens firstly at the level of social communication and interaction (civil society, journalism, culture), secondly at the level of organisations (companies, NGOs, institutions) and thirdly at the individual level (web literacy, lifelong learning, usability).
Our research is application-oriented, inter- and transdisciplinary. This takes place against the background of major social change processes such as digitalisation, sustainability or globalisation.

The research centre wants to establish itself as a think tank and experimental laboratory by using new research and development methods. At the same time, we see ourselves as a sparring partner for social and economic actors by developing and accompanying transformation processes - this includes knowledge transfer and the teaching of key digital skills.

Centre speaker

Thomas Pleil

Communication Max-Planck-Straße 2
64807 Dieburg
Office: F01, 119


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