3D audio dramaturgies and acoustic holograms: Production of a transcultural immersive radio play

Which languages of form, symbolism and dramaturgy are specific to 3D audio?

The importance of immersive media is disproportionate to the exhaustion of creative-technical
possibilities and application scenarios.

The aim of the HFMA course was to develop a radio play for an innovative 3D audio environment with the help of the Spatial SoundWave system. This is characterised by the fact that the sounds used are located plastically/hologrammatically in space without so-called sweet spots, thus creating acoustic landscapes that completely surround the audience.


Project information

Clarifying the questions:

Does the technology deliver what it promises? Is the 3D listening experience guaranteed?

Which existing contents, forms, sound aesthetics and media discourse types (also audiovisual and inter-medial) are supported, deepened and extended by the 3D sound and the SWS

What innovative contents, forms, sound aesthetics, media discourse types, forms of experience and reception can be developed under the premise of original, apparatus-specific design

What new application scenarios result from this?

  • Structural analysis of frontal media (based on McLuhan, Schafer and Postman, among others)
  • methods of artistic research (based on analysis prototyp. Production and hands-on production
  • Critical evaluation of the software with regard to project goals
  • Critical evaluation with regard to specificity, innovative content and recipient experience (methods of art and cultural criticism; surveys)
  • Exhibitions/performances, lectures at cultural and scientific institutions in Germany and abroad (Hesse) Exhibitions/performances, lectures at cultural institutions and academic institutions at home and abroad (Hess Rundfunk, ZKM Karlsruhe, Uni Kassel, University of Queensland,University of the Azores, Universityof New York, etc.)
  • Impact inside and outside the h_da.
  • Based on our R&D projects, 3D audio became a permanent part of the teaching at the h_da's B.A. and M.A. media degree programmes.
  • High international attention for the design, discursive and technical 3D audio competence documented in our work.
  • Multiple requests for participation in projects, symposia, workshops etc. from all participants.
  • Invitation as a jury member (Breitsameter) for the ARD-ZDF_Förderpreis Medientechnologie (Media Technology Promotion Prize).
  • Seven publications (5 peer reviewed, 2 invited)
  • Four keynote lectures, three invited lectures, two conference lectures peer-reviewed
  • Seven Master- and two Bachelor theses
  • Four workshops, two of them at Hessischer Rundfunk for the technical staff of hr2

Status: completed

Funding body: Hessian Film and Media Academy (HFMA)

Participants of the h_da: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter, members of the FZ-Plenum Laboratory Engineer, Dr. Jorge Medina,in cooperation with FZ DKMI

Project partners: Marlene Breuer, M.A., Natascha Rehberg M.A., Robin Wiemann M.A., Hessische Film- und Medienakademie, HfMdK Frankfurt, Hessischer Rundfunk and Fraunhofer Institut Ilmenau

Project information

Completed since: 13.07.2020

Project leadership: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter, Marlene Breuer (HfMDK/hr)