Design of two further audio trails in Schaafheim and Groß-Bieberau

The new audio trails in Schaafheim and Groß-Bieberau give laypersons access to mixed reality and augmented reality applications.

In addition, a walk-through and audible city archive is to be designed.


Project information

  • Auditory mediation and awareness raising; production of 2 x 10 audio stations positioned in the above-mentioned municipalities that convey urban history in the form of artistic short
    features. Content to be made accessible to lay people (visitors and walkers) by means of a
    simple smartphone application.
  • High-quality design of the content to create "listening points" that would not be accessible without technological input.
  • Prototype
  • Audience development for the problem sets
  • Development of an experience concept based on acoustic ecology and experience
  • Building on this: App development
  • Building on this: Content development and realisation. Development and realisation, specific encoding
  • Development of accompanying measures: Support for users; website with background
  • Introductory workshop by students
  • Planned: Evaluation of audience reactions with regard to audience development and
    media-aesthetic education.

There have already been requests for further listening paths and MR/AR projects in public

  • Eine Masterarbeit
  • Geplant sind einführende Workshops für Laien.

Status: completed

Project leadership: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter

Sponsor/Client: Support initiative of the Odenwaldklub e.V.

Participating institutions: OWK, municipalities of Schaafheim and Groß Bieberau, FRAport, HMWK, Sparkasse Dieburg, Regionalmanagement Landkreis Darmstadt-Dieburg; Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Schaafheim.

Project information

Duration: 01.04.2020 - 30.03.2021

Project management: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter