Citizens receive love letters

Private communication is a primary source in the area of literary and cultural studies that is as
informative as it is little researched. The collections are to be opened up to a broad public as well as to specialist disciplines for specific research questions.


Project information

Together with citizen scientists, Gruß & Kuss would like to digitally open up the Koblenz love letter
archive and thus contribute to the visibility, preservation and availability of the sources on the one hand, and provide insights into scientific work and basic data literacy on the other.

Regular online and face-to-face formats (workshops, lectures, consultation hours, regulars' tables) for exchange with citizen scientists and the scientific community.

Main focus: Transcription, basics of literature and linguistics, data literacy,
standards and formats, research data management.

Studies on content-related topic clusters, manual and automatic transcription processes, development of metadata and annotation schemes, workshops on usage behavior in libraries.

Transcription of more than 800 letters, further development of a web-based annotation platform for letters and other XML documents, lectures.

Training of citizen scientists in concrete scientific-philological procedures and general data

In preparation: Stefan Büdenbender, Melanie Seltmann, Jonathan Baum:
"Handwritten Text Recognition for Heterogeneous Collections? The Use Case Gruß & Kuss".
In: Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative.

Status: Ongoing

Funding body: DFG

Project management: Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmunk

Project partner:

Prof. Dr. Andrea Rapp, TU Darmstadt
Prof. Dr. Eva L. Wyss, University of Koblenz
Dr. Canan Hastik, TU Darmstadt
Prof. Dr. Thomas Stäcker, ULB Darmstadt
Dr. Wolfgang Stille, ULB Darmstadt
Dr. Ralf Grunder University Library Koblenz
Dr. Annette Gerlach, Landesbibliothekszentrum Rheinland-Pfalz, Koblenz

Project information

Duration: April 2021 - March 2024

Project management: Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmunk