The Three Question Marks - Production of three episodes

The project transposed a radio play series that has been established for decades into an innovative 3D sound scenario. In the process, three episodes of "The Three Question Marks" were designed as a three-dimensional audio experience.


Project information

Three radio plays of the well-known radio play series "The Three Question Marks" from stereo to 3D audio in a meaningful, dramaturgically valuable and device-specific way. This was done while maintaining the "product line" of the established, popular radio play series.

  • Cultural-historical derivation of 3D audio and immersive dramataurgies
  • Analysis of the product line and reference works
  • Formation of criteria for apparatus-specific 3D audio concepts and their auditory production
  • Concept and realisation in close coordination with Sony Music.
  • Critical evaluation of the dramaturgies, symbolic and formal languages for their specificity
  • Critical evaluation of the production process and the presentation framework
  • The project made it clear in many ways that a mastery of technology does not always produce coherent results in terms of content, dramaturgy and art, but that the latter must be
    reconceived in terms of an immersive reconfiguration of perception.
  • This highlighted the need for artistic research.

Considerable media response throughout Germany; national and international positioning of the h_da-3D audio production, its creative, technical and discursive know-how.

  • The knowledge gained proved to be essential for determining the position of 3D audio and fulldome R&D: it flowed into numerous lectures, publications and workshops (partly as keynote, partly as peer reviewed). Likewise in teaching and production design and practice.
  • Two Bachelor's and three Master's theses

Status: completed

Funded by: Sony Music Munich) and Hörraum Media (Hamburg)

Project leadership: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter

Project partners: Sony Music, Hörraum Media, Primetime Studio Hamburg, Planetarium Hamburg, Planetarium Mannheim as well as a group of master students

Project information

Duration: 2017

Project leadership: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter