SME 4.0 - Digital Centre Future Culture

The SME Digital Centre Future Culture supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout Germany and across sectors in the two major transformations "digitalisation" and
"sustainable development". The aim is to enable SMEs to develop a sustainable corporate culture. Central topics here are change, internal & external communication, trust and sustainability.

The SME Digital Centre Future Culture is a nationwide consortium with locations in Potsdam, Eberswalde, Dortmund and Dieburg. Consortium partners are the BSP Business & Law School, the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde (HNEE), the Research Institute for Telecommunications and Cooperation (FTK e.V.) in Dortmund and the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (h_da).

The SME Digital Centre Future Culture is part of Mittelstand-Digital. With the Mittelstand-Digital Network, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection supports digitisation in small and medium-sized enterprises and the skilled trades.


Project information

SMEs should be supported in terms of leadership and communication to successfully shape both transformations for themselves. They should also receive assistance in developing a
sustainable corporate culture.

Numerous transfer formats:

  •  Company projects
  •  workshops
  •  lectures
  •  Digital transfer formats such as professional articles, learning materials, etc.

Integration of knowledge into teaching as well as cooperation with PR and sustainability
communication majors in the Online Communication degree programme at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

Status: ongoing

Duration: 01.03.2022 - 28.02.2025

Funding Organisation: Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection

Project partner:

  • University for Sustainable Development, Eberswalde
  • BSP Business & Law School
  • Research Institute for Telecommunications and Cooperation

Mittelstand Digital Centre Future Culture

Project information

Duration: 01.03.2022 - 28.02.2025

Project management: Prof. Dr. Pia Sue Helferich und Prof. Dr. Thomas Pleil