AVARTIM - Advanced Visual Analytical Reasoning for Technology and Innovation Management

In view of increasing competitive requirements and high market dynamics, the early recognition of technological trends and the targeted handling of market and technology signals are becoming increasingly important for companies. Within the framework of the project, "AVARTIM" is to be developed as a software-supported process for recognising and evaluating trends, market and technology signals in order to sustainably support the process of innovation and technology management. As part of the project, an infrastructure is to be set up at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences that is modular and can thus react quickly to technological changes. The infrastructure to be developed will serve as preliminary research and initial technology both for industrial use by and with the SME partners and for applying for joint projects. The initial aim is to participate in the LOEWE funding line 3 of the state of Hesse and, in the further course, in the EU's LEIT-ICT / Big Data Technologies call for proposals.

AVARTIM gets its innovative character from the integration of a holistic data transformation from heterogeneous raw data to visual-interactive analysis tools, which should enable people to understand complex facts, derive conclusions and make decisions.


about the AVARTIM project

Project information

Duration 2019 - 2020

Project management: Prof. Dr. Kawa Nazemi