Research data management for health-related data that is not covered by medicine is hardly widespread. Health and care-related disciplines and degree programs are almost exclusively found at universities of applied sciences (HAW). However, there is hardly any active handling of research data or explicit research data management (RDM), both in studies and in research projects.

The data collected in the health, therapy and nursing sciences as well as health-related social work
represent an important resource for tackling current and future social challenges. In many cases,
however, they are used exclusively by the scientists working directly with them. In order to adequately address and solve this problem in the scientific fields represented at HAWs, a coordinated approach
involving the largest possible number of relevant stakeholders is required. This is to be implemented with the GesundFDM joint project.


Project information

  • The aim of "Gesund-FDM" is to create a basis for the health, therapy and nursing sciences as well as for health-related social work so that the research data used there is better available and reusable through professional research data management (RDM).
  • Research data management at universities of applied sciences is to be strengthened and concepts and the establishment of infrastructures and networks are to be developed sustainably.
  • (Digital) data competence in health, therapy and care-related research is to be promoted by
    implementing the FAIR principles.

As part of a cooperation between several universities of applied sciences in Hesse and North
Rhine-Westphalia, is being set up as a community platform as a central information and
communication hub for researchers in the health and care-related sciences. Among other things,
will be used to identify specific needs in the form of user stories. In addition, concepts for training and advice on subject-specific RDM are being developed and tested. The target groups include
researchers as well as students and doctoral candidates.

Common standards and guidelines and recommendations will also be developed on the basis of best practice examples. Cooperation with relevant professional associations and data centers, the NFDl4Health consortium and state initiatives on RDM will also be initiated.

  • Data stewards also beyond the project period as professional contact persons
  • Developed training formats/ best practice guides/ guidelines as a reference for researchers
  • Continuation concepts for the planned community website
  • Incorporation of the project results into state initiatives/ NFDI/ local RDM service centers/
    professional societies


Neupert, I. (2022). Applied research data management for the health and
care-related sciences (GesundFDM).

Poster presentation at the DVSG Federal Congress 2022 in Kassel on 10.11.2022 Koch, K. &
Osterhoff, A. (2023). Brief presentation of the project: GesundFDM. Presentation as part of the
working group "RDM strategies for HAW" of the state initiative on 14.03.2023

International Data Week 2023

Status: ongoing

Project management: Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmunk

Project team: Andreas Schieberle, Stephanie Werner, Probol Nadine

Sponsor/Client: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Participating institutions: Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences,
Frankfurt (network coordination), RheinMain University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden, Fulda University of Applied Sciences,
Bochum University of Applied Sciences for Health and Protestant University of Applied Sciences Rhineland-Westphalia-Lippe

Project information

Duration: 09.2022 until 08.2025

Project management: Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmunk