Audio Trail - With the Ear on the Move in Dieburger Forst

A audio trail with eight to ten audio stations at selected locations is being created on a two to three kilometre long route in Dieburger Forst. The aim is to make the acoustic identity of the places and the hiking trail consciously tangible by means of augmented reality and at the same time to design them in a way that is full of relationships with further audio materials.

Via QR code markings, the specific soundscape of the particular place can be called up using a smartphone. The audio trail is being set up with students from the International Media Cultural Work Master's programme, with the collaboration of students from the Online Communication and Computer Science Bachelor's programmes.

The project was financed by funds from the Dieburg chapter of the Odenwaldklub e.V., the Jubilee Foundation of the Sparkasse Dieburg, the Fraport-AG Environmental Fund and the Ministry of Science and the Arts. September 2019, the audio trail was fully implemented and open to the

Project information

Duration 2018 - 2019

Development and implementation of the sound component: Aleksandar Vejnovic M.A.
Technical concept and implementation:
Dr. Robert Löw (Department IT) and Dr. Oliver Schneider (Department Media)
Production management: Aleksandar Vejnovic M.A. (Department Media)
Overall scientific and artistic direction:
Prof. Sabine Breitsameter (Department Media)