System Innovation for Sustainable Development (dt. s:ne)

s:ne aims to establish processes towards sustainable development in the region. Such processes rely on technical, economic, socio-cultural and institutional changes that are mutually dependent and reinforcing.

To this end, the project is building a learning system in which the actors pool their knowledge and join forces in the search for creative solutions for sustainable development in the region. With s:ne, the university wants to further anchor its transfer strategy in the region and cooperate with
practical actors.

External partners in the project are:

  • the Darmstadt Institute for Housing and the Environment,
  • the Institute for Social-Ecological Research,
  • the Öko-Institut,
  • the Schader Foundation,
  • the Software AG and the management consulting "e-hoch-3". 

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Project information

Duration 2018 - 2022

Project leader: Dr Silke Kleihauer
Project partners: Prof. Dr. Thomas Pleil,
Sandra Müller