Social listening tools for small and medium-sized enterprises: a market study

The range of tools for online monitoring, social listening and sentiment analysis, both worldwide and in relation to the European area, is very large, dynamic, relatively fragmented and therefore unfortunately difficult to keep track of.
On the one hand, the large offer of tools is understandable, because there is a great need in view of the potential and at the same time the challenge for companies to automatically gain valuable knowledge about their products from huge amounts of data accessible online. On the other hand, for companies and especially for SMEs, a systematic evaluation for tool use can quickly lead to a high level of effort.

Moreover, this requires comprehensive know-how about the different types of tools as well as the possibilities and limits of monitoring and analysis tasks. Although small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the use of social listening and sentiment analysis, the selection of the appropriate tool can often be the first and not so easy hurdle.

The aim of the research project is to conduct a market study together with students that addresses precisely this point: The result represents a practical basis for the types and possibilities of monitoring and listening tools for German-language text data in the market, which offers guidance, especially for the target group of SMEs, regarding the functional scope, analysis approaches and data sources for listening as well as the cost framework of the tools.

Information and download of the study [PDF| 8.53 MB]
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Project information

Duration 2019 - 2020

Project participants at the h_da: Prof. Dr. Melpomeni Alexa, Theresa Wahl, Christian Daum, Martin Ille, Samuel Mink, Laura Seremet, Angelo Stockinger, Tanja Theimer.