Fulldome films in 3D audio

Within the project, immersive audiovisual content, forms, aesthetics and dramaturgies of media
discourse types are conceived and produced. Under the premise of original, apparatus-specific
design principles.

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Project information

  • Production of fulldome films in 3D audio with a wide variety of approaches.
  • Conversion/mapping of productions to VR Devices (especially Oculus Rift etc.)
  • Analysis of aspects of the device-specific change in creative values
  • Formation of criteria for the change in the receptive experience
  • Formation of criteria for the development of audiences for the changed receptive experiences
  • Cultural-historical derivation of "immersion" and media
  • Analysis of reference works and apparatuses
  • Formation of criteria for apparatus-specific immersive AV concepts and their production methodology
  • Integration into teaching in order to develop diversity of forms and application scenarios
  • Critical evaluation of the production results with regard to the development of criteria
  • Three carefully produced, forward-looking fulldome films with 3D audio sound have been created.
  • The results were submitted to international competition.
  • Based on the present project and precursors, the topic of "Immersive Audiovisuals" has
    become a permanent part of the teaching at B.A. and M.A. media degree programmes at the h_da.

High international attention for the design, discursive and technical "immersive audiovisuals" competence documented in our work.

Status: completed

Funding Organisation: Hessian Film and Media Academy (HFMA)

Project management: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter

Project partners: HFMA and students of all affiliated Hessian media producing universities, Marlene Breuer (director Hessischer Rundfunk, HfMdK); Natascha Rehberg (LBA); Claire Dorweiler (LBA); Robin Wiemann (LBA) and the Planetarium Mannheim.

Project information

Duration: 01.12.2019 - 31.08.2021

Project leadership: Prof. Sabine Breitsameter