Acoustic ecology - A current stocktaking

Current, controversial questions on the state of acoustic ecology.

After the death of the "inventor" of Acoustic Ecology R. Murray Schafer, with the digital change as well as the acute topic of climate change, essential aspects of Acoustic. Ecology need to be re-evaluated and a new discourse initiated.The projects are intended to contribute to achieving this.


Project information

A contemporary artistic and scientific positioning of the teaching of Acoustic Ecology.

  • Articles for trade press (2021)
  • Interviews for the general public (ARD, SWR, DLR, etc.) (2021)
  • Professional article for the Italian complete edition of Murray Schafer's major work (2022)
  • Curation of a CD with relevant compositions (2022)
  • Lectures (University of Mainz and University of Milano) (2022)
  • Reviewer for WFAE Conference "Listening Future, Listening Past" of the Atlantic Center for the Arts, Smyrna Beach/FL, USA.  (2022)
  • 2nd edition of the translated major work by R. Murray Schafer ("The Order of Sounds"), Schott International 2023
  • Positioning the importance of Acoustic Ecology in the age of climate change and digitalisation.
  • Underlining the high importance of the quality of the acoustic environment in everyday life, media, art.
  • The aforementioned activities have enlivened and partly renewed the current discourse in professional circles as well as in the general public.

A high level of publicity both in expert and general public.

  • Expert interview with Hildegard Westerkamp (protagonist of Acoustic Ecology), in: Festschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik zum 50-jährigen Bestehen, Karlsruhe 2023.
  • Curation and writing of an accompanying booklet for the CD "Soundscape-Komposition. Aktuelle Positionen", ed. DEGEM, Karlsruhe 2022.
  • Prospettive critiche su "The Tuning of the World", in: R. Murray Schafer, Il pae-saggio sonoro. Il nostro ambiente acustico e l'accordatura del mondo, nuova edizione a cura di Giovanni Cestino, Milano 2022, pp. 481-489.

Status: ongoing

Funding Organisation: DEGEM, Universities of Mainz and Milano, Verlang Schott International Mainz.

Project partners: German Society for Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM), University of Mainz, University of Milan.

Project information

Duration: ongoing

Project management: Sabine Breitsameter