Prof. Sabine Breitsameter

Sabine Breitsameter, Professor for Sound and
Media Culture

Head of the Master's program
"International Media Cultural Work"

Short profile

Prof. Sabine Breitsameter is an award-winning author, director, producer, curator and festival director.
Before her appointment at the h_da, she gained over 25 years of practical experience in the international media, art and culture industry.

As a juror, she was/is active for the following institutions, among others: The ARD-ZDF Prize for Women and Media Technology, Prix Ars Electronica, German Audiobook Prize, European Broadcasting Union, Dresden Centre for Contemporary Music. As a scientific reviewer she evaluates Submissions for the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Society for Stereoscopic and Immersive Media, the German Music Therapy Society and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

Sabine Breitsameter was appointed to the German Music Council in 2022 and has been a board member of the Hessian Film and Media Academy (hFMA) since 2008.

Her teaching focuses on media art and philosophy, auditory design and digital media, media cultures of the digital, media-aesthetic education, cultural journalism.

about the person

  • Soundscape Studies and Acoustic Ecology
  • Critique and perspective of immersive media concepts
  • Media aesthetic and media cultural education
  • Audience development as a prerequisite for the digital transformation of society
  • Fulldome Media, 360° Film
  • Plastic work with sound: 3D audio, VR audio, AR audio

2022 - 2024

AesThiCo - Aesthetics and Ecology in Technological Education
Funded by: Collaborative Coordinator Technological University Dublin via Higher Education Authority -
National Agency in Ireland and European Commission
Funding Programme: Erasmus+

2022 – 2023

New revised and introduced edition of R. Murray Schafer, The Order of Sounds.
A Cultural History of Listening, Schott International Mainz-Berlin 2023.


Listening Space and Augmented Reality: Concept and Design of a Listening Path at Goetheteich/
Darmstadt - "Tomorrow I'm Alive"
Production: VR-Audio Lab University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt and HfMDK Frankfurt in the
context of the Hessian Film and Media Academy
Co-production with the International Forest Art Centre (IWZ)/Darmstadt

2020 – 2024

Hiking, nature conservation and regional identity - three hiking clubs in the German Hiking Association network
German Ramblers' Association network enter the digital future strengthened (BMI)
Support programme: Cohesion through participation (Federal Agency for Civic Education);
Federal programme "Digital Ways to Strengthen Democracy in Clubs and Associations".
Funded by: Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Homeland (BMI)

2020 – 2021

Listening room and augmented reality: conception and design of listening paths in Schaafheim and
Funding sources: Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Schaafheim, HMWK, Sparkasse Dieburg, Odenwaldklub e.V., District of Darmstadt-Dieburg
Funding programme: LEADER (EU), funding initiative of the Odenwaldklub e.V.

2019 – 2022

Fulldome films in 3D audio
Funding body: Hessian Film and Media Academy (HFMA)
Funding programme: HFMA funding

2019 – 2020

Production and mediation of immersive media
Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research, h_da Centre for Research and Development
Funding Programme: Strategic Strengthening of Research Competences in the European Framework - StrFor-EU / Higher Education Project under the EU-Strategy-FH Funding Line

2020 – 2021

Listening room and augmented reality: conception and design of the "Hörweg Dieburg. With the ear
on the way in Dieburg Forest".
Funded by: FRAport, HMWK, Sparkasse Darmstadt - Dieburg, Odenwaldklub e.V.
Funding programme: Funding initiative of the Odenwaldklub e.V.


Breitsameter, S.: Der Hörweg/The Listening Path. Augmenting Acoustic Ecology for a Rural
Community. In: Proceedings of the International Computermusic Conference ICMC. Konferenzpaper erschienen beim Verlag der Universität Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 2020, 12 Pages.

Breitsameter, S.: Critical Listening as an Act of Freedom. In: Conference Paper and Article in Conference Proceedings of the Conference Music, Sound and Well-being and the University of Eastern Finland, 2020, 12 pp.


Breitsameter, S.: Immersion and Beyond. A Critical Approach to Understanding the Aesthetic Potential of 3D-Audio. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON STEREO & IMMERSIVE MEDIA Vol. 2. Issue No. 1, 2019, p. 22-33.

Breitsameter, S.: Coding & Un/De/Non/Re-Coding. Reconfiguring Auditory Art Forms in the Here and Now. In: Ludger Brümmer/Yannick Hofmann (hrg.), Festival Next Generation 8.0, ZKM Karlsruhe, June 2019, p. 9.

Breitsameter, S.: Das digitale Ich. Paths to a new ecology of the senses. In: Bound Print (Art Catalogue), May 2019, 20 pp.

Breitsameter, S.: Maske und Selbsterfahrung in den digitalen Medien. In: Sabine Breitsameter (ed.), Das digitale Ich. Ways to a new ecology of the senses, Darmstadt/Dieburg 2019. Published by Museum Schloss Fechenbach, May 2019, p. 2-3.

Breitsameter, S.: Reconfiguring the Apparatus. Radio Art in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. In: Regine Beyer/Anne Thurmann-Jajes (Hrg.innen), Listen Up! Radio Art in the USA,Columbia University Press/Transcript Publishers New York/Bielefeld 2019, 35 pp.


Breitsameter, S.: Soundscape, in: Daniel Morat/Hansjakob Ziemer (eds.) Handbuch Sound: History - Terms - Approaches, Verlag J.B. Metzler, Stuttgart 2018, pp. 89-98.

Breitsameter, S.: 3D Sound and VR Audio – Interfacing Specific Sound Dramaturgies and New
Perceptional Paradigms, in: Raquel Castro (Hrg.), Invisible Places. Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place, Ponta Delgada/Portugal 2018, p. 319-328.

Breitsameter, S.: Immersion and Beyond. A critical approach to understanding the aesthetic potential of 3D audio, in: Victor Flores (Hrg.), Stereo and Immersive Media 2018. Conference Proceedings,
Lissabon 2018.

Breitsameter, S.: The most important five radio art productions worldwide (translated into Polish), for: Glissando (Journal of Contemporary Music) #35, Warsaw/Poland 2018.


Breitsameter, S.: Soundscape as a System and an Auditory Gestalt, in: Bernd Herzogenrath (Hrg.), Sound Thinking. A media philosophical approach, London/Oxford 2017, p. 51-64.


Sabine Breitsameter

Communication Max-Planck-Straße 2
64807 Dieburg
Office: F17, 33