Prof. Dr. Melpomeni Alexa

Professor for Online Marketing

Teaching for degree programs Online Communication B.Sc. and

Media, Technology & Society M.Sc.

About the person

  • Market analysis of providers of social listening and sentiment analysis services and tools

  • Tools for online and social media monitoring, social listening and sentiment analysis

  • Application areas and examples for the analysis of German-language online text data.
    focuses on the application in companies and practice.

  • Sentiment analysis for German-language data: Theory and models.

  • Agility in online marketing and online corporate communication.



Lecture "Social Listening as an online market research tool - How your company wins by listening online September 2022 (for the Association of Metal and Electrical Companies Hesse
Darmstadt and South Hesse District Group e.V.)


2nd lecture as part of the Science Wednesday "Learning Social Listening" June 2021


Lecture at the Department of Media event series Science Wednesday

"What is Social Listening?", January 2017.


M. Alexa & M. Siegel: Tools for Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis Fields of application and
practical examples for the analysis of German-language online text data (textbook). Springer-Verlag, 2021.



Alexa M., Siegel M.: Sentiment analysis of German-language expressions of opinion: Basics,
methods and practical implementation 131 pages. Published by Springer Verlag in July, 2020.

Alexa M., Daum C., Ille, M., Mink, S., Seremet L., Stockinger A., Theimer T., Wahl T.: Market Study Social Listening Tools: Online platforms & tools for monitoring and analyzing online communication. Newspaper or magazine article published online at 79 pages.



Rademacher L., Alexa M.: Agility - long-term trend or just hype? Published
report on the FZ dkmi, August 2019.

Rademacher L., Alexa M.: Still a long way from agile? - Results of an ad hoc survey on the
current status of agile methods. Newspaper or magazine article in prmagazin 08/19. Pp 72 - 78.



Alexa, M., Konopka, A., & Wind, L.: Is there a media-specific lexicographic process for the online dictionary? A workshop report. In V. Hildenbrandt, & A. Klosa (Eds.), Lexicographic
processes in Internet dictionaries (pp. 8-19). Mannheim: Institute for the German Language, 2016.

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Prof. Dr. Melpomeni Alexa

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