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Review Drop-In Session: The role of resilience in our research center

What is the significance of resilience for researchers and those interested in research at our research centre?

How can we apply the central guiding questions of resilience to our everyday research so that
together we can achieve a better way of dealing with so-called "stressors"?

Maintaining and strengthening one's own psychological resistance, namely resilience, also plays an important role in relation to everyday research, as the exchange with those present at the last drop-in session on 30.06.2023 showed.They have all had some experience of the peak phases of everyday
research life and know that it can be hectic and associated with many different challenges.

In a small experiment, guiding questions based on the pillars of "optimism" and "network orientation" from resilience were discussed in the research context.



What can strengthen us?

The centre lives through its diversity, through its individual researcher personalities.
Each and every one of us brings a certain "superpower" with him/her, be it a healthy dose of humour or a basic attitude to life that is characterised by solution orientation. We can mutually benefit from this when we share it with others or let ourselves be inspired by examples. As simple as it sounds, it really is: everyone can put together their own personal "toolbox", e.g. with activities that can help them not to lose sight of the future.


Network orientation

How is my network set up? Where can I get support? How can we strengthen each other?

Everyday research can bring certain challenges, be it bringing together a new consortium, the
administrative project management, which is often characterised by various interactions or
dependencies, or the communication with project partners from the most diverse fields. We sometimes manage to deal with these challenges better, sometimes worse.

The question that came up in the drop-in session was how we can better support each other in these situations and make better use of the resources we already have.

"Network orientation" as a pillar of resilience serves to specifically request and also accept support. How can the dkmi provide support in this context?

Since it is well known that contacts need to be cultivated, we would like to use this and similar formats to provide long-term support and also specifically promote the formation and strengthening of



This first exchange has made it clear that the topic of resilience plays an important role in the dkmi and would like to be dealt with in the long term. Therefore, we will make it our task to strive for the conception of further possible offers and formats that will focus on the resilience of researchers. We will keep you informed about further developments with future "Insights".

The next drop-in session will be held on Friday 28/07/2023 from 11:00 - 12:00 in BigBlueButton:

We look forward to seeing you!

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