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Resilience, Curiosity and Agility in Business Management - Prof. Werner Stork in an Interview with NordHandwerk

In a captivating conversation with Prof. Werner Stork, the necessity of resilience, curiosity, and agility in modern business management is illuminated.

In an interview with NordHandwerk, Prof. Werner Stork explains that companies not only need to be resilient but also should have the ability to emerge strengthened from crises. Curiosity plays a crucial role in this, as it fosters the drive for learning and innovation.

Resilience is understood as a three-dimensional concept that enables companies not only to withstand crises but also to regenerate and reconfigure themselves. Stork emphasizes that agility alone is not sufficient, as it only describes the quick adaptability to short-term changes. A deeper inner attitude is required, one that actively embraces change and sees it as an opportunity for further development.

The practice of resilience and curiosity requires a rethink at all levels of a company. Employees should be empowered and encouraged to explore new avenues and develop themselves. Teams must stick together and inspire each other, while leaders need to find a balance between traditional management and coaching support.

Stork stresses the need for a renewal of business education that meets current challenges. The future requires curious innovators who look beyond the horizon and master the art of personal and organizational development. In a world full of changes and uncertainties, it is curiosity and resilience that keep companies on course and make them leaders of the future.

Here is the link to the Interview with NordHandwerk.

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