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Learning and teaching sustainability - establishing cooperation between the University of Queensland and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Researchers from dkmi and the University of Queensland have formed a new research group as part of a multi-day workshop on "Learning Sustainability" (LeSus) from 12-14 October 2022 to look more closely at learning and teaching sustainability as part of cross-cultural and comparative research on practices of "sustainable" sustainability communication.


Sustainable development is a (lifelong) learning task. It requires inter- and transdisciplinarity and the combination of collaborative approaches to innovation management, change and transformation, critical theories and a real and customer-oriented context.


The resulting learning experiences for students in different degree programmes and at graduate and postgraduate level enable them to go beyond discipline-specific insights and use the principles of sustainability to drive innovation - in further theory development, the application of innovative methods and the resulting strategies and projects.


The expertise of the research group covers the research fields of climate and transformational journalism (Prof. Dr. T. Schäfer, d_da), arts-based pedagogy in/as sustainability communication (Prof. Dr. F. Weder & Prof. Dr. L. Rademacher, h_da) and transformational communication and lifelong learning (Prof. Dr. P. S. Helferich & Prof. Dr. T. Pleil, h_da).

Other participants in the workshop were Vanessa Kokoschka (PhD student h_da, PhD on the influence of algorithms on editorial decisions in climate journalism), Teresa Otsa (Environmental and Climate Communication, University of Greifswald) and Jan Barkmann (Professor of Risk and Sustainability Sciences, h_da).


The establishment of this research cooperation is funded by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (HMWK) and is kindly supported by the International Office of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

Centre speaker

Thomas Pleil

Communication Max-Planck-Straße 2
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Office: F01, 119


Managing Director

Rita Vas-Deuschel

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