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Call for Papers: ICA 2023 POST-Conference

„Epistemic Injustice and the Role of Authenticity in the Media“ in Toronto on 30.05.2023 (hybrid), organised by the DGPuK specialist group.

There is a particular interest in research that explores the role of media in the perpetuation and dissemination of epistemic violence and injustice. Scholars are invited to explore the construction of authenticity in intercultural discourse and digitally mediated authentic experiences, be they unconscious and habitual, spectacular and deeply meaningful.


ICA 2023 POST-Conference

A wide range of methodological approaches are welcomed - qualitative, quantitative, speculative, creative, participatory, collaborative and others. The conference is open to different formats of contributions, from traditional papers to creative research papers. Proposals for short workshops (1 hour duration), demonstrations and other forms of collaboration are also welcomed. The conference will accept both theoretical and empirical contributions for review. Accepted authors will be invited to present their papers at the conference and will be considered for an edited volume.


The aim of the post-conference is to

1. to identify and name the mechanisms of epistemic violence,

2. the role of the media in the debate to shed light on epistemic violence, and finally

3. the relationship between the phenomenon of epistemic violence and the value of authenticity.

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Deadline: Abstracts of 150 - 200 words can be sent until 2 February 2023 to be submitted.


Notification of acceptance will be sent by 3 March 2023.


Centre speaker

Thomas Pleil

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Managing Director

Rita Vas-Deuschel

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