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Premiere of ScienceFriday: Networking researchers

Successful premiere of the first ScienceFriday at the Dieburg university campus with employees, researchers and people interested in science.

At the first ScienceFriday at the h_da media campus, PhD students, research project staff and
professors networked on research relating to information, media and communication. The event was organised by the ikum institute and the dkmi research centre.

The morning of ScienceFriday was dedicated entirely to doctoral students. They presented their
research and had the task of opening the discussion with a question that could take them further. The doctoral students were able to gather inspiration and helpful feedback for their own research from fellow students and researching professors from various disciplines. The interdisciplinarity was
particularly appreciated. "You get the opportunity to ask questions from a completely different perspective," confirmed PhD candidate Nadine Probol.

Barcamp sessions followed in the afternoon: this means that the
participants developed proposals for thematic sessions and voted on them. The following topics were chosen: "Best practice in qualitative research", "Framing in the context of simple language" and "AI in research". During the sessions, there were stimulating discussions with room for subject-specific questions and
exchange of experiences. Within the interdisciplinary exchange
, practical tips were shared and new food for thought
was inspired.

"My highlight was seeing all the people from the department. [...] and especially the other doctoral students!" said Teresa Otsa. Lukas Materzok agreed: "I'm here for the first time and I'm getting to know people who are also doing something like this and have similar difficulties".

The participants were also unanimous in their conclusion: "It was definitely worth it!" said Nadine
Probol. In the final round, the participants agreed that the premiere was a success and that they would be happy to continue the ScienceFriday. The organizers were therefore happy to promise a new edition in the
summer semester. In this way, the format will also
support the scientific community in the future and promote networking among researchers.

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