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Darmstadt "Day of Mindfulness" at the Media Campus

Saturday, 30 April 2022, 09:00 h - 16:00 h

With a focus on mindfulness and meditation in schools and universities, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, together with the Institute for Mindfulness, Connectedness and Engagement, is organising a "Day of Mindfulness" for the first time on 30 April 2022. The vision is to connect those interested and active in the field of mindfulness locally in Darmstadt and the surrounding area and to promote an interdisciplinary exchange.

What is it about?

At the first "Day of Mindfulness", participants will gain insights into the field of mindfulness through a variety of impulse lectures, workshops, a film screening and several practical offers.


Who is the event aimed at?

The event is primarily aimed at teachers, lecturers, students and multipliers from the region who would like to integrate appropriate modules into their own teaching and network with others and share their experiences.


From integration in the classroom to practical exercises

The diverse and varied programme offers interesting workshops, exciting lectures and barcamp sessions to participate in. The aim is to highlight the individual aspects of integration in the classroom, the connection between mindfulness and sustainability, social media use and digital detox.
In addition, the film TEACHERS FOR LIFE will be shown: a tribute to teachers who are trying out new ways of education. Director Julian Wildgruber will also be on hand for an audience discussion.

Participants can also experience mindfulness in a very practical way: In several sessions, various mindfulness and meditation practices can be experienced and tried out for themselves.


Secure your place

We have aroused your interest? Great! Secure your place for the 'Day of Mindfulness' on Eventbrite - registration is open from 30.03.2022.

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Centre speaker

Thomas Pleil

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64807 Dieburg
Office: F01, 119


Managing Director

Rita Vas-Deuschel

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