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dkmi & ikum at the Curious Future Insight 2024 in Mainz

The Curious 2024 - Future Insight conference brings together international scientists and innovators to explore the future of science and technology.

This year, the dkmi and ikum will be attending Curious in Mainz for the first time and presenting the following projects:

  • The Guardians of Naxos (project management: Prof. Georg Struck, Claudius Coenen)
  • Darmstadt Approach to Resilience and Curiosity - DA_RuN (Project management: Prof. Dr. Pia Sue Helferich, Prof. Dr. Werner Stork, funded by BMWK)
  • Impact project: Crowd science project for AI-based moon crater detection (project lead: Prof. Stephan Jacob, funded by ESA)
  • Applied research data management for health and care-related sciences - Gesund_FDM (project lead: Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmunk, funded by the BMBF)

Further information on Curious 2024 - Future Insight.

Centre speaker

Thomas Pleil

Communication Max-Planck-Straße 2
64807 Dieburg
Office: F01, 119


Managing Director

Rita Vas-Deuschel

Communication Max-Planck-Straße 2
64807 Dieburg
Office: F01, 202